Almost the Final Day

An eternal gasp echoed from the realm of heaven the day Lucifer was cast outA third of the angel band followed quickly after with a deafening shout

It was a plan from a prideful heart to overthrow Creator God in his mind there was no doubt

That he could rule the world so he walked to the throne of heaven and venom flowed like a broken water spout

Then banished to a inferno land was the opening of the bout
Ages and eons have passed since that treachery marred day

When God had to send beloved creations away

From that moment all that has been made from His heart has been a target by the evil one and twisted like modeling clay

The cosmic struggle is a war we cannot see as angels and demons fight in a spectacular display

An army from centuries past to this present time will not bend or bow instead declare Jesus is the Way
The battle we fight in a spiritual war and won’t be won with any natural weapon we mortals can forge

No mighty tank of iron crafted or the strongest folded metal honed sword

Can penetrate the wicked chasm housing the vile force, it can only be done by calling on the Lord

The God of heaven as with groan and pleas for strength to fight and victory we implore

Attacking from the darkest corners of hidden places the enemy launches a brutality in every form because for him time is running out and he knows the final score
Distortion of truth has infiltrated this earthly realm

Righteousness and holiness are words that no longer overwhelm

The life of the those that claim to be Christ’s disciples because the choose to stay at the helm

Aimlessly adrift on a violent sea tossed by twisted logic and as deeper into The Word they refuse to delve

Pendulum swinging counting down to the to day when the trumpet of God will sound, it’s almost twelve

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