Ashes Ashes I Rise

WonderIng down memories convoluted pathI see an unfamiliar site but it looks like a mound of ash

Closer and more focused I now remember the moment in a flash

It was day that I saw me in Your eyes, Your eyes of fire that consumed all the trash

Stuck to the ground all my misconceptions spewed out of an open gash

It was the sword of Your truth that made the slash
Excising the lifeless non-beating heart that from once poison did flow

Measuring myself against an insurmountable standard all my own

From a place of hopelessness my then decaying soul would groan

Until a light that blinded my already dimming eyes in glorious radiance around me shone

In an instant I knew I was not, nor had I ever been, alone

From smoldering ashes to mountain peaks on eagles wings I was flown
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust from the place of death I did rise

No more to see with earthly tainted and jaded eyes

For by Your hand a transplant of divine proportions answered my desperate cries

A life once on a road of certain destruction is a now the way I do despise

Certainly easier but caring not for the wrath that would be the prize

On this new road a cross I carry not for my fame but for Your glory until I join You in the sky
No more chains of bondage and slavery to sin

By Your grace and mercy this race in freedom I know I’ll win

Even when I fall and look to see his wicked grin

I call on Jesus and the devils face turns white and grim

In the darkest night as the storm rages on the Light in me will never dim

For Jesus, the Light of the world, reigns within

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