Battle Ready

It’s like a bomb being dropped from a deceptive aggressorThe message is clear and forceful like a violent oppressor

Stealing away moments of happiness, joy and pleasure

Ransacking the vault of experiences weighing the price with an ill calibrated measure

Now all of the striving has left a cavern of buried memories in chest filled with treasure
Through the rain and fog the cave’s door it blotted out

Prayers and supplications have been made by the devout

Messengers have been sent to report the news from the scout

Here comes the onslaught from the hidden places and it will be a rout

No longer is confidence the word of day because it overwhelmed by crippling doubt
Cries in the night to a ever blackening sky

No hope can be seen so the resolution is made to die

Let the corpse of the old wicked man be the home for a beast and the fly

A gentle breeze wafts through the leaves and a voice on the wind to real to deny

To scar laden calloused knees agony has driven forcing a call God Most High
Eyes dried and are now wide open to see clearly

The One that sent angels to build a refuge city protecting completely

Dispatching healing and restoration to the whip shredded soul raising up confidently

Standing clad in armor crafted by hands decorated with nail scars in the fires of the Almighty

Greeting the day with a shout and a roar praising the Creator for setting footfalls purposefully
With joy renewed the path is brighter

The weights are gone and the pack is lighter

The coward inside is now a mighty fighter

Poised and prepared by the trial passion has been lit by the fire ignitor

His mission and directive are clear to run to the battle lives to redeem and restore

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