Comfort Aside

There’s tomb that I walked away from that brings joy insideIt’s the home of anger, sadness, misery and pride

I held on to these feelings for years at a time

Forgiveness was free for the taking but all of it I would deny

Until the day freedom came and I decided to put comfort aside
Enough was too much and I had to murder the killer in my mind

I thought I was sleeping only to discover there were scales on my eyes that kept me blind

Handcuffed by imaginary shackles that with evil delight had no key to unbind

My soul was headed to the stake and the flames prepared to make ashes of threshers grind

Then a mighty wind swept through the wasteland of my life bring clouds of rain my soul to revive
It’s easy to sit by the stream and find contentment

Stay there to long and the heart becomes complacent

Feasting on the crumbs of bitterness only seeking chances to sit in judgement

Causing a caustic marriage of restlessness and resentment

But when the minutes of life are weighed and counted it wont matter if you enjoyment
Growing pains can bring discouragement and distort

The path to the place that’s a palace and you’ve been called for an audience in the King’s court

But there are giants in the land and there is no good news to report

The garrison of the enemy must be cast down and made rubble as you voice this retort

No rest will I seek in the mission of the Lord because in the end He is my hope and comfort

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