It’s Been Awhile

It’s Been Awhile
When I wake and before I sleep I talk to God from the bed

Eyes closed reverence as the words are running through my head

Then just as quick as I was talking to You I realize I fell asleep

Feeling like the disciples in the garden when shepherd’s out of sight I’m weak like a sheep

It’s been awhile, much to long, since I wept over the sin I keep doing

Thinking that I’m walking the narrow way but who am I really fooling

I’ve drifted to broad street that path leading to destruction

Jesus my Lord steer me back in right direction
It’s been awhile since I’ve felt the weight of the reality that You died for me

A desperate wicked wretch that You long to set free

From the bondage of trying to earn my keep

When I should rest in the grace I’ve accepted and thrive in Your peace

So to the One and only that keeps me from falling

I pledge my life and will do my utmost to obey Your sacred calling

Soften my heart again with Your divine oil and wine

It’s time to start kneeling in Your presence again and stop wasting time
It’s been way to long since I really listened to the words of Your song

Creation in a symphony no human could orchestrate resonates through eternity long

To draw my restless and prone to wondering heart back to this place called home

Joining the saints and angels to worship at Your holy throne

Getting the rest that comes from trusting You and Your perfect plan

Not to rush into the fray and work it out with my own hand

With limited and feeble words I unashamedly confess

I need You all the time not just when it seems I’m in distress

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