My Despair to His Fame

There was a time when push came to shoveThe misery I was in fit like a glove

To wallow in the miry slime of self pity left little room for love

If an angel had appeared to rescue you me I would me them return to his home above

But there was a sweet soft gentle breeze that settled in like a dove
Bloodshot weary eyes begging for sleep as the cycle swirled so repetitive

Evil torments mocked and taunted me I knew he was satan’s representative

The blackness so empty and lonely left despair to remedy the heaviness with a sedative

But the eternal consequences would be far worse than knowing this hopeless wasn’t definitive

So out of the chaos and confusion I called out to heaven to me once more competitive
My soul was hanging in the balance as I lie on the ash heap

Overwhelmed by a past without purpose and no tears to weep

No fight or desire to rise out of the suffocating waters deep

Led away to the butchers stand like a silent and unwitting sheep

I had to get up and stand tall and resolve to not end this life in defeat
Then a familiar voice called out my name

It was time to shed the tomb and walk out of the grave

From a dead mans home wearing dead mans clothes into redemption no more blame

Freedom had come and I was free from the crushing weight of shame

Alive in Christ to shout His glory and spread His fame

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