No Underdog

When Jesus walked the earth He was labeled a fraudNow not much has changed and people use His name to get applause

But you can believe what you want but remember He’s not an underdog

He is the Son of God

The Almighty King of kings and Lord of lords

His power cannot be bartered for or won with armies and swords

It’s more valuable than possession the richest person can afford

Jesus majesty is deeper than any place than can be explored

You can try to exploit Him

Singing songs that are shallow powerless and grim

The light you’re trying to shine is flickering and dim

Turing from your sin is a life changing decision so don’t do it on a whim

It will raise your whimpering whining cowardly groans

To a lions rage with resounding echoing tones

Tones of the mighty warrior that runs to the battle with fire in his bones

So rise from the ashes or your burned down life and stop competing with neighbor Jones
Hear the heartbeat from the beginning of time

It’s the start and reason for the rhythm and the rhyme

From before the world was ordered to spin on its axis it was in His heart a masterful design

That led to a splintered and bitter cross that scrubbed my life of the grease and grime

What started out a whisper grew to a shout

Out of the grave He exploded leaving no doubt

That death was defeated and the grave has no sting after God won the ultimate bout

Since that moment when satan crumbled at Jesus feet and now all he can do is moan and spout

Pacing around his quaking domains

He know his time is short for him only this plot remains

Distract and destroy the perfection heaven offers by tempting the shallow heart with wealth and fame

But through the noise and glittering oasis there’s salvation in Jesus name

Watch the pendulum swing on eternities clock

Hear the sweetly wafting chimes and gentle tick tock

Of the brilliant creator and the earth’s foundation and unmovable Rock

Remember He died for all of His masterpieces even though you sneer and mock.

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