Not a Throwaway

There I was drifting through life thinking I was a throwawayNot worth their time or effort just a castaway

Trying to fit in but stuck on the outside looking in standing on the fray

So I took my inheritance and traveled the prodigal way

Extravagance was my daily bread as further from home I’d stray

Fading away

Wasting away

Endless rotting and decay

On a beaten and ravaged sinking ship I was a stowaway
Feeling I was too much of a disgrace

Tried to talk to God but I enjoyed the pigpen place

Friends left as they stepped over my lifeless corpse to the next temporary space

I needed grace

Pride kept me in a cage

The temple of my heart was vandalized and defaced

Erased from my mind were any remnants of hope, there was no trace

Kept up appearances by laughing and gluing a smile to my face

No currency left I was bankrupt in every way and couldn’t keep up the charade
It wasn’t a whim or toss of a coin’s flipping

The world of the living I’d soon be rejoining

Out of the depths of the abyss to the surface of the water I was buoying

Pulled under time and again by the weight of the pack I was carrying

Then it happened one ordinary day the purpose and reason for the struggling

To the masses I had to tell this story of redemption and restoring

No magic, no chants or rants of disdain simply a solemn prayer I was saying

From a sarcophagus to a face in the crowd it’s time to speak out and stop playing

I’m still a dead man walking but now I’m walking and talking for the King that’s soon returning

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