Race, What Race

Red yellow black white seem to be only precious in His sightSo much hate and killing and every race is willing

No one’s at fault and everyone’s to blame it’s time to see past colors and get a name

We all bleed red and lets see past the surface before we’re all dead
With all of this anger and misconception who will stand up against the infection

Racism is taught by small minded people even those that gather under the steeple

Extend open hands and not clenched fists you’ll soon discover hatred isn’t missed

It’s pathetic to judge based on skin tone I’m talking about character not your smartphone
Get up stand up listen up it’s beyond the hour when enough was enough

We’re fighting an ugly war so join me in the battle and let’s make the world rattle

By ending the scourge of the feeble masses as we smile at brothers from behind your glasses

Every culture unique and something to embrace we’d be bored if we all had the same color face
It starts with you and it starts with me recognize we’re part of a global family

Want to be free from hatred and fear remember you’re not perfect and someone still wants you near

It’s a problem deeper than what you’ve been told because in all of over is cache of gold

To get to the treasure you have to dig way down because character you can’t measure

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