Since the Garden

It started with in paradise garden the first created treasure planetOne act of betrayal and an APB went out by a holy dragnet

The stamp of the divine ring was marred but it could not replace His signet

The guilty pair ran and hid from His calling voice for they were ashamed and full of regret

A lamb was sacrificed to cover their nakedness atonement poured out to pay the debt

Nevermore from His lips would the transgression be uttered, He forgets sin when we repent
Gratefulness is choice defined by a completely humble attitudes

Not sniveling showmanship marked with shallow flattery and manipulative platitudes

A lifestyle worthy of being called a Christian that faith in Him confidence exudes

Sometimes on this journey we fall as from our eye a plank protrudes

He will take it out with love and care to teach us to be like Him despite ourselves into His fold He includes

With head held high and not on a swivel we have this assurance by His sacrifice we are righteous He concludes
Pride, envy, selfishness, and compromise cannot keep us from His watchful eye

He brings us tenderly to a teaching place and walks by our side

That when faced with the challenge to confess or deny

Gladly and boldly we proclaim His fame even if it means we die

For absent in this world is present before Him with our final breath to the throne the soul will rise

Onward for the cause to the the world of Jesus as from the garden to heaven home no more sorrow and nevermore to cry

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