So Tell Me

So tell me, how are you supposed to conquerAs you see the world around you slipping and sliding into hell and choose to ignore

The hurting, bleeding, wheezing, dying, and destitute weeping in the corner on the floor

Too busy counting this and achieving that, with one eye on the clock and the other on the score

Looking down your nose at those that don’t have much then go to the church and everybody hears you snore

Stop with the sickening self righteous displays no true disciple of Christ is impressed so to you I implore

Give the past and resentment you carry to Jesus, He longs to show you more

There’s a joy that only He can give you but when your hands are full you can’t open the door

The rusted, wasted, broken pieces of your life He will mend and restore
So tell me, how are you supposed to overcome

When your swimming the acid laced pool of sin sludge

You think it’s just a small error nothing more than a smudge

Refusing to forgive is like an untreated splinter soon it will be infected just like a grudge

You know you need to let go of the hurt and the pain but brush the Holy Spirit’s nudge

The swamp land of bitterness pulls you into the mire as with draining footfalls you trudge

Sifting through the sewage to find missing pennies and dimes passing over dollars and deeper you drudge

He wants to immerse you in a cleansing tide from His perfect sacrificial blood

A new heart can be yours but you have go through the fire and the flood
So tell me, where is the power in your prayer

You see good things and blessing yet your heart just wants to glare

At the person that has what you want or the answer that didn’t go your way so you sit and stare

In to the cupboards that are full but you think they’re bare

Nothing satisfies your thirst because you’re caught in satan’s snare

The vile lies and wicked words he has are not soothing whispers but loudly he will blare

The siren of discontentment and the horn of unrest until you whisper you don’t care

The reality is that situation is all you can think about and it’s time to send up a flare

Start fighting and marching on your knees because His authority is our weapon in this warfare
So tell me, what are you going to do

Will you get on the broad highway with many or the narrow road with the few

Seeking to have comfort here or deny yourself to carry a cross of pain for an eternal heaven view

There’s a mission for us all and a place your purpose to renew

It’s at a the foot of barren splintered blood stained beams where Jesus died for you

Sometimes even in service to the cause you’ll be beaten black and blue

Remember His body was broken, shredded, and poured out to pay the debt that was due

Because of our sin, it was a payment we could never pay and His blood and tears kissed the ground like dew

God forgive us of our sin and Holy Spirit come and light the fire anew

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