Sticks and Stones

Stick and stones, stones and sticksSometimes words can hit like bricks

You’re looking through wicked eyes it’s time to change your optics

You see a brother or sister in a pool of gasoline crying out for help from cracked lips

But instead of a hand you drop a lighted match tip

Snarls and judgements you cast over your shoulder and the flames rise and lick

It’s acts like this from those that claim to know Jesus but you’re making Him sick
Scripture tells children to obey your parents on earth’s path

Parents the same Scripture tell you not to provoke you children to wrath

It’s time for both sides to repent and wash in redemptions bath

Wives submit to your husbands doesn’t mean you have to be weak in a tyrants grasp

Husbands love your wives as Christ loves the church gently leading with a shepherds staff

Jesus follower it’s time to stand up for and in your family with authority taking our land back

Remember what Jesus said about being hated by the world it’s alright if they mock and laugh
Stones and sticks, sticks and stones

There’s a passion raging in my bones

To see the church bowing in repentant tones

Weeping over sin and weeping for the lost with childbirth groans

The sanctuary is a holy place so put away the coffee and cell phones

It’s time to plead with God to shake the foundations of our comforts zones

Take the grave clothes off we’re called to be warriors in the fight no passive drones
I don’t know if I can be more clear but I’m going to try

It’s time to rip the tops off of some coffins so grab the crowbar and pry

Prayer, discipleship, witnessing, and Scripture study are for today not days gone by

It might seem tiring but do those things even when your soul feels dry

When life seems unfair it’s okay to be alone and cry

Because the One you’re crying to is there by your side

To the ones that overcome He promised eternal life

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