The Scandal

It was a plan that was intricately set in placeBut the results would be scandalous when sin He would erase

How could it be that one man would die and rise again to offer the wicked grace

Even the most vile and depraved to ever torment the human race

With fleeting breath calls on Jesus for forgiveness no remnant of sin left, not the smallest trace

The joy is not simply having salvation here on earth, but knowing one day we will see His face
Faith in the unseen is a contradiction unto itself raising questions

Standing in the mire of doubt leaves truth an intolerable brutal digestion

There’s only one way to believe beyond an intellectual investigation

Burrowing deep beneath the cliches to get experiential proof for mitigation

Casting out the normal for the supernatural manifestation

To embrace the forgiveness and mercy found through repentance and salvation
There was a tree that was caused to grow long before it was cut down

It would hold the Son of God suspended above the earth as the sun in the clouds would drown

For this King of Kings there would be no earthly crown

The scandal of grace on full display as the Holy Place was exposed when the veil fell to the ground

His final words and a final breath that shook the planet with quake from Golgotha’s mound

From this desolate barren desert sand into eternity cried the invitation for all to come and in Christ be found
All who are thirsty, weary and worn comes the desperate beckoning call

For the curse of death and wrath are cancelled for all those that fall

To knees in humble resolve to accept the wedding RSVP to attend a heavenly ball

When the Groom signals the trumpeter to bid the bride come and shed this decaying shawl

As the table of feasting is prepared for one and all

That accepted mercy and forgiveness from the one whom will stand over every foe great and small

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