What joy oh what solace I findWhen You capture every thought that floods my mind

Restoring my weary soul and making Your peace mine

It could only come from a heart of love that is supernatural and divine

Bursting a light from into the blackest night and it’s not me but You that will shine
Transforming my selfish side into a humble servant in You only to boast

Please pilot the vessel of the life You give and steer me from the rock laden coast

Encamp Yourself on the throne of my life and be the words that come out of my throat

Remember my weakness and my frailty without Your Spirit, let Your righteousness be my cloak

It’s You and only You that will keep me walking on the water and my life’s ship afloat
Turn Your ear to hear the whispered cries in the middle of the night

When all that surrounds is terror and fright

For the enemy of my soul plots and schemes my demise with much delight

But on You I heave my every dark place and unspoken plight

At the end of me and my effort there is always You to guide me back to right
Why You would love the wicked and the wretched is a mystery

That would reshape their evil vile soul with perfect mastery

Is a truth my mind cannot comprehend but You each piece leaves no room for mimicry

The mould the Potter fashioned is unique for every collectable soul in His treasury

From the before the world was spoken from Your lips it knew this everlasting reality, You are not a fantasy

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