What Happens When

What happens when you think life for you is doneWhen fear anxiety depression and anger are counted as fun

Knowing if you confessed how you were really feeling you might be cast out and shunned

If you managed to sleep and woke up with no reason to want to be part of the daily run

Contemplating the meaning of life in the middle of the day but it’s dark for you and you want a refund

Still knowing you can go back to the Father but feel to ashamed to be called daughter or son
What happens when family and friends have gone away

Physically they are around but they’d rather ignore your pain, to the Father they don’t mention your name

For them it’s about putting their edited and whitewashed selves on display

Covering up the sin regret and resentment but there joyless smiles betray

All the while you’re drowning in a sea of despair but you called out for help while their tired useless rope unravels and begins to fray

Still knowing you can go back to the Father but the microscope you see yourself under keeps causing you to stray
What happens when you’ve hit what you think is the bottom and that crumbles down

Free falling into an abyss of malice pride dejection and rejection even though there’s no water you start to drown

Getting so mad at the cliches from every side and there’s no reversing a permanent frown

But a pasted hollow smile is what you force to show passersby as you’re clawing at the ground

Shackles on your hands keep you locked in a torturous citadel dungeon with no key to be found

Still know you can go back to the Father because He called you His bride but you’ve destroyed the gown
What happens when you start looking at yourself through the lens God uses

You might find there’s a reason for what you’ve fought through and it’s you He chooses

To take the sword of His Spirit to just free others that are captive but cutting the ropes to the nooses

There’s a world that’s covered in darkness and He gave you the mission to replace the fuses

Bringing the light of truth through salvation to the masses that are adrift on a raft that falling apart as the captain snoozes

So you went back to the Father and He welcomed you home with rejoicing for with Him though we think He should give up on us He refuses

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