Where You’re Living

In the spectrum of emotions we all can feelI wonder where you’re living or do you reside behind a tomb and its seal

Thinking that what you believe is true and real

Or a clever masked covering so with the misery you can deal

The merriment that once ruled in your smile is a trophy for the enemy that you let him steal

Pacing yourself in the lifelong race has slowed to a painful crawl maybe it’s time to kneel
Armies are entrenched on all sides and leaving you surrounded

There was a trumpeters blast but you were to busy when it sounded

Reports came in to warn you but brushed them off as unfounded

The troops at your disposal have suddenly been grounded

There’s a longing to hear the echoing tones against the hills resounded

You were promised to be from the chains but chose to remain bonded
Confronted with options to win the coming battle

No comfort can be found in the babies rattle

How can a king come as a baby from heaven and still own all the cattle

Gossips on every corner are watching your life just waiting to run a tattle

Standing alone in the circle of those claim they come with counsel

Spew bitter venom into the budding confidence and listening to them could prove fatal
Trepidation and fear rule the day as up the mountain path you ascend

To surveil the troops against which you must prepare to defend

Peering at the strength of the numbers coming to attack the battle plan you must amend

For the weapons sent to overthrow you are not of natural hands made and success will depend

Not on rigorous physical training but on building faith and the on your knees you spend

Pleading for the souls of lost and dying in sin pushing back the tormentors at the name of Jesus their garments rend

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