Who Am I

When I think of the greatness of You what can stop me from worshipI start to ask for blessings and offer my requests to You but I need to close my lips up

Because You’re not a genie in a bottle but You poured out Your life for me and drank a bitter cup I gave my life back to You giving the devil the leftovers of this divorce I’ve shredded the prenup

Cutting down temptations on every side with Your word that’s power but sweet like syrup

Marching shoulder to shoulder in the Lord’s army against the evil one he can’t matchup

Tearing down wicked cities in this battle that the enemy’s playing catchup

Only pausing to say thank you for a new day as dawn breaks at sunup
Who am I that You are thinking about me

Taking my sin and casting it into the deepest sea

Speaking Your name and I watch the tormentor quickly flee

You lifted the blinders off so my vision is clear and scale free

Standing at heavens porch waiting for my return when I’ve acted so wickedly

You offer grace and forgiveness from the deepest well of love so unselfishly

When I deserve punishment and wrath it’s You blood that protects so tenderly

To the world I proclaim Your name straight ahead so unswervingly
This once wicked heart You shield and hold because You know it best

Rescuing the dying pieces of a broken life to mould into vessel that can pass the test

Of faithfulness in the face of growing strife in a disheveled world soon I’ll have a final rest

Some believe in karma and some believe in luck but I choose to believe I’m content and blessed

Your sacrifice offering salvation to all who will humble themselves from their mouths to confess

That Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father knowing that Jesus defeated hell and death

Do good works to everyone everywhere but without Jesus your soul is still a raggedy mess

Your ego will leave you with a naked soul but He will give you a makeover, time to redress

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